Maureen Darcey | Woman 34.0

Maureen Darcey, a certified nurse midwife, joins Womankind to discuss her experiences guiding women through their birthing experiences for the past several decades. Maureen emphasizes the importance of a woman’s choice in healthcare. This episode is dedicated to Maureen’s mother, Dorothy Sullivan.

Annie Booth | Woman 33.0

The world of jazz is dominated by men. However, Denver-based musician Annie Booth is making a name for herself as a pianist and composer. Annie discusses her musical background and the importance of getting girls interested in music at an early age and keeping that passion burning.

Esther Kim | Woman 30.0

As a Korean American woman who has called several countries “home”, Esther Kim has often felt “rootless” and as if she has not been able to find a country to claim as her own. In this episode of Womankind, Esther speaks of her intersecting knowledge and experiences of the Eastern and Western worlds, and of her work as an aspiring YA writer, a teacher, and the lead singer of Tokyo and the Boy.

Karen Magill | Woman 29.0

When Karen Magill was thirty-five years old, she woke up to find an entire side of her body paralyzed. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with MS and found herself in financial crisis. Nearly twenty years later, Karen has redefined her life and joins Womankind as a published author, motivational speaker, and debt reduction coach.

Senator Karin Housley | Woman 28.0

This special mini-episode features Senator Karin Housley! Minnesota State Senator Housley has been many things throughout her life: a mother, an author, a broadcaster, a real estate business owner, and, now, a senator. During this episode, she gives Womankind listeners advice for juggling career and family life as well as advice for how to enter politics.

Her Sanctuary with Susan and Ciara Morreale | Women 26.0

Mother-daughter team Susan and Ciara Morreale are the owners of Her Story and Her Sanctuary, two Buffalo-based businesses that feature all female-produced products. In this episode, these two entrepreneurs discuss the dynamics of running a business together and the importance of self-care. Breast cancer is an issue that is close to these women’s hearts, and they are on a mission to change the conversation to reflect the true struggles of people with this deadly disease.