Meet the Woman Behind Womankind


HI, I'm Kelsey!

I’m the creator and host of Womankind.  Through this podcast, I plan to explore the question: “What does it mean to be a woman?” I’ve had this question in my mind for a while now with many unformed answers. Throughout the past few months, I’ve had an increasing urge to discover and refine my response to this question and many other questions surrounding womanhood.

In my quest to find answers, I’ve created this podcast because I want to give women a platform from which to tell their stories.  I want to explore the victories and challenges of being a woman.  I want to give women a voice, and most importantly, I want to listen to women’s stories as they discuss what it means to them to be members of womankind.

Amazing women surround me every day, and I truly believe that every woman has a story to tell.  And I’m ready to listen.